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Polynetworks has considerable experience in providing consulting and integration services to its customers and clients. It has successfully implemented complex projects in the field of wireless communication. We have integrated high definition cameras, radars, sensors, VOIP technology and telephony which include landlines, cell phones and UHF/VHF radios. Our relationship with different vendors makes it simple to breakdown multifarious problems and provides fitting solutions so that different equipment and tools work in tandem resulting in a homogeneous solution. We provide the following strategic and logistical services.

Project planning and management for wireless solutions

We assist our customers in managing large projects which involve one or many of our solutions. We provide timely reports, schedules, timelines and phases to better understand the entire process and ensure that all participants are engaged and provide their necessary contribution. We work with equipment providers, integrators and end users to create prototypes, evaluate and test them and furnish them into final products. Aggressive schedules and milestones are met with concrete results. This is an outcome from our past experiences and difficult learning cycles. We also help end users in training, deployment and assist them throughout the project/product cycle till the solution is working as desired.

High level wireless site surveys, network and systems analysis, feasibility study.

We perform snapshot surveys of areas of installation and deployment since it is an extremely important component on any wireless solution. Understanding the environment, terrain and place of use helps all stake holders to identify well in advance any problems that would arise during network setup and deployment and also be able to predict the behavior and nature of network systems while in use. We do detailed system analysis by listing various network components, wireless equipment and other application characteristics to create a high level view of the entire system. Past experience has indicated that a thorough understanding of all interacting modules is essential and reflects in the working of the final solution. We study existing network infrastructure, backhaul connectivity and future connections to ensure that these capabilities are reused to enhance performance than deplete it.

Network measurement and optimization

Apart from a high level site survey, it is important to know some network metrics, which define the performance of the network as well as applications. Variables such as throughput, delay, jitter, packet loss, behavior of multi-hop networks etc indicate the stress and strain on network and its applications. These numbers give insight on how to deploy networks and use applications to suit the nature of communications. The network parameters can be fine tuned to desired levels. This process can decrease cost, time and save human effort in the field. Also, multi-media as well as raw data traffic can be sent over the network to obtain an analytical snapshot of the network before any traffic generators are installed such as cameras, radars, sensors etc. This provides important feedback on how various components on the network behave and how they perform compared to the expected outcome. It is expensive and time consuming to install every application on the network and take a snapshot. Instead, automated tools which provide statistical information on the “weather” of the network are used to capture all essential parameters prior to any installation.

Needs assessment and installation of wireless networks

If hardware tools, install equipment, human effort is well identified before a deployment, it makes it very simple for the people in the field to carry out their task. It saves cost, time and also keeps a margin for any last minute modifications or unexpected troubles. Wireless is a very random environment and has the tendency to expand in the future once the network is rigorously used. Identifying future enhancements and modifications well ahead of time is key to all aspects of the system to perform in mutual coherence.

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