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Polynetworks specializes in wireless networks. Given the trend and demand from the industry as well as end users it is unimaginable to run applications or even routine processes without an underlying wireless network. We have gathered significant experience and prowess in numerous wireless technologies ranging from standard WiFi, mesh networks, radars, cameras, various sensors, unmanned vehicles, wireless telephony and other analog systems. These solutions consist of one or many of the mentioned components and are being used in the real world. Our partnership with various organizations has strengthened our approach in being creative and practical to offer affordable and flexible solutions. These complex systems are being used in the field and are constantly worked on to enhance its capabilities to meet the needs of ever changing technologies. Our competence in building effective solutions is described below –

Security and Surveillance

- Radars, sensors, video, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

This is a lifeline for many border patrol agents, the armed forces, law enforcement personnel as well as commercial institutions in mission critical applications. A wireless network connects these external components and provides the necessary backbone to carry out important security and tactical assessments. This entire activity can be remotely controlled and operated without being in the close proximity of the actual operation. A software can integrate all these independent systems and create a common visualization of the mission. This assembly helps commanders to change tactics and strategies on the fly and adapt to dynamic situations in the field. It also provides extra cover to human personnel and property. Highly secure protocols and tools can be used to ensure all data is maintained to the highest security standards.

Wireless Network Integration with Digital Wireless Systems

- IEEE 802.11 and 802.16, Cellular GSM, GPRS, 3G, Satellite

There is a strong demand for interconnection and interoperability. We have identified vendors and equipment providers to connect digital wireless networks which are physically separated from each other and use different protocols. We have found different ways to link these systems all appearing as one complete network. This gives the flexibility for network components and clients to connect to other systems without any modifications to their characteristics and at the same time communicate seamlessly without any user intervention. Many of these systems are as simple as plug-n-play. Sophisticated softwares and tools manage, configure and monitor the entire network.

Wireless Network Integration with Analog Networks

- VHF, UHF and other frequencies

There are a lot of analog radios and wireless networks such as cellular networks that have a large presence and are difficult to migrate to new technologies. Some factors include cost, time and the complexity involved which might affect other existing systems. In order to address this problem, we have solutions that solve this with minimal cost and modification. Interoperability is important and must be maintained and we have achieved this in our recent deployments. These are affordable solutions without any needed user intervention to operate the network.

Communication on the Move (CoTM)

- Voice, video and data

This is an important application for incident command systems, armed forces and local law enforcement agencies. It includes complete connectivity needed to carry out any work which requires voice, data or video communication. Backhaul links can be through satellite or a wireless link through some other existing network, mentioned in the above solutions. This is also a valuable, time saving approach in case of natural or man-made disasters. This solution is a portable, mobile network that provide wireless connectivity by the flip of a switch. It also has the capability to store and transmit information securely using available backhaul mechanisms.

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